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  • swede
    09-19 12:55 PM
    I was the guy from Sweden. I agree with the Russian student.
    The reason I was there was because my green card process was a painful and stressful experience for 5 years. And I was still one of the lucky ones! I don't want to put anyone through the same agony, not even my worst enemy. I really feel for the people still stuck in the mess.

    I talked to a Polish guy who had been here 9 years fully legally and could not leave. He had not seen his family in 9 years and did not want to risk going back just in case they would not approve his H1B in his home country. They are very strict there it seems, because none of his family members or friends could not even get a tourist nor visit visa to see his graduation. Shocking!

    I was glad I showed up at the rally just to hear all the peoples' stories.
    Most people who did not show up probably think they are ok after applying the i485. They will join IV rallies, when they realize how wrong they are. People have applied for i485s years ago and still don't have a green card...
    You are in trouble until you get your green card in your hand.

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  • rbms
    09-19 03:35 PM
    Voters: 155. You may not vote on this poll

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  • needhelp!
    01-19 02:22 AM
    Having 3 years EAD/AP and ability to refile AOS (in the worst case) is the best workable solution to an economic turndown and lay-off. Having a recapture done will also help many

    IV already has this as part of the letters campaign. Everyone worried about recession, lay-off etc. must support IV campaign with full vigor.

    ----------- Please read the above and act ------

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  • liorsal
    01-04 09:54 PM
    good question,an update will be halpful, we also want to know how we can halp in short term to get the 485 relief?


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  • Dhundhun
    06-04 03:03 PM
    Sorry to hear that case is gone to wrong office. The (c)(9)() class of EAD filing instruction is that it must be sent where I485 is being processed.

    During infopass visit, officer must have given some clue.

    If I were you, I would be sending the supporting documents with a covering letter stating the blunder. This type of mistake should not be uncommon to USCIS offices and they should have procedures to fix it.

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  • walking_dude
    03-20 10:29 AM
    I for one will not be surprised. These undocumented immigrants march in thousands at their rallies [even though they face chances of deportation]. They are active in talking to media and getting publicity for their cause. They are also more actively contributing to help their cause. They have very strong backers - Agri-business, fast-food chains, restaurant owners, construction business , and immigration attorneys [ who will make lot of money if Z-visa gets passed], strong ethnocentric groups with considerable political clout, and many of them have US citizen relatives [who vote]

    On the other hand, support of many immigration attoneys to EB immigration is half-hearted, high-tech employers care more about increasing H1B quota. Like it or not - IV is the only organization that is 100% devoted to EB immigration and working for our cause. Given this reality, IV should have got full support monetary and participation from 25,000 strong community here. As we know, only a minority of the community are doing all they can to help IV achieve its goal.

    If we are not doing enough to help our cause, what right to we have to blame others for not helping us? In a way, we do deserve the step-motherly treatment for all the lethargy our community shows in standing up for its issues, and demanding a solution.

    We will see and will be surprised to see that an illegal will be granted a status independent of an employer and will also have the travel permit and he/she can live here forever renewing his status.


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  • Desertfox
    11-13 01:54 PM

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  • wandmaker
    07-15 05:18 PM
    Look at the text on the service center status page!

    It says Invalid Processing Dates!

    Here is the right URL - https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/jsps/ptimes.jsp


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  • shirish
    01-04 12:20 PM
    If IV is successful with this 485 filing ability by 2/15 deadline thing... when does it become law and more importantly how soon can we file for 485 (before or after the CIR wars in Mach-September)?

    I guess it becomes law on or before 2/15, as Pres must sign these bills in to law on or before 2/15. Not sure when we can file for 485. :(

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  • zilmax007
    08-21 12:27 PM
    RN received on today from TSC
    PD: 8/2006
    LC Approved: 9/2006
    EB2 140 Approved: 10/2006
    485 filed on 7/2 @ TSC
    RN 7/2
    ND 8/13


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  • pappu
    07-05 01:57 PM
    Make sure to put your name, address and phone number in your mails. Only illegals are anonymous and can live in shadows. Legal immigrants need to feel proud of being legal in the country and following all the laws. Only then this campaign will work and give an opportunity for media and lawmakers to contact us.

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  • AmericanDreamZ
    10-19 01:11 PM
    I was just thinking, the wastage of visa numbers we see, is that basically due to the per country quota. The rule that no country can have more than X% of GC's in a year, would mean that even though there are visa's available, they cannot be alloted due to that per country limit.

    Anyway the smaller number of application is good news.



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  • neelu
    12-11 02:25 PM
    SO if USCIS wants to make a new rule of filing I485 for the one whose I 140 is cleared and priority date is not current, It CAN DO That RULE Right?
    We do not need any Congress approval for that Right?
    If so can we explore this option??

    Yes, I was wondering the same thing.

    The only plausible explanation for requiring congress' approval, that I am able to come up with, is that we bundled many requests along with the request for concurrent processing of 140/485, like additional visa numbers etc., which I think are not in the hands of USCIS.

    We would need congress approval to increase visa numbers, etc. But for changing the rule to allow concurrent 140/485 processing is probably within the jurisdiction of the USCIS.

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  • sanju_dba
    06-25 03:18 PM
    2) Currently your status is H1 , if you use AP then ur status will becom Parolee and if you use EAD then "???"
    Just using AP does NOT invalidates H1 status. Using EAD does.

    I double checked with my attorney , either or AP or EAD usage will change your status, ie H1 is no more valid.


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  • ushkand
    09-21 11:44 AM
    I just received an email from USCIS that my wife's EAD has been approved.

    RD 07/02, FP 09/04, PD 05/06

    Is approved the same as "card ordered"? Do you see a different LUD than the card ordered LUD?

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  • bestoption
    08-04 09:27 PM
    H1B is a fallback in case I485 is denied. Kumar - you may need to check with your attorneys or an independant attorney on immigration law.


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  • Rinsha
    02-18 02:03 PM
    What happens if you get laid off by your employer right after you get the green card? That's different than voluntarily leaving your employer, isn't it?

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  • gotgc?
    12-20 12:20 PM

    The USCIS confirmed that it will continue to permit interfiling of I-485s when a person obtains two I-140 petition approvals. Interfiling is essentially the transfer of a pending I-485 application to adjust status from one I-140 petition to another filed for the same beneficiary. Examples would be when there is a successor employer, or an I-140 petition filed by a new employer or with the same employer based on a new and different job offer. This eliminates the need to re-file the I-485 in many situations, if there is a second I-140 petition to support the pending I-485.

    So if your second I-140 is approved you'll be able to interfile if you want to but I do not see the problem with filing the second I-140 while one is already pending.

    Thanks for your reply. The says that "The USCIS confirmed that it will continue to permit interfiling of I-485s when a person obtains two I-140 petition approvals." It is talking about approved I-140s. Thats what my understanding too. But my lawyer says that they "The employer can file (or interfile) an I-140 even though the priority date is not current. The priority date retrogression comes into play only when filing or processing an I-485 Adjustment of Status application"

    I am not sure that "interfiling an I-140 even though the priority date is not current" is true or not? Any advice please???

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-31 07:01 PM
    According to my lawyer, " dont worry, USCIS routinely redistributes cases between offices to adjust its workload." (confirm with your lawyer too)

    07-13 01:57 PM


    05-08 12:48 PM
    some one suggest me options please .
    I'm on 4th year of H1b .I140 denied and didnt get denail notice yet .if MTR fails what should i do .Change employer ?

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