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  • vnsriv
    09-26 01:51 PM
    Is the AP document mailed to the attorney or to the applicant?

    AP Docs are mailed to your attorney while EAD, I-485 cards are send to you .

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  • WillIBLucky
    08-11 01:47 PM
    According to an IO i talked to recently the background check has 6 stages which includes name check.

    Sometimes for verifying the names and address they send it to local USCIS office for verification.

    So it may not be for interview. But you could be in the last stages of the background check and will be approved soon IF the dates are current for your PD.

    Good luck!

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  • sonu
    02-07 11:20 AM
    My receipt date was 09/12 , approved on 11/20

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  • rbharol
    09-18 11:58 PM
    Although my H1 and my wife's H4 expires next year July, she got her DL renewed till 2011

    I am in CA.

    Received today.


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  • fpb
    12-06 10:09 PM
    Please mail me at IL AT immigrationvoice DOT org

    Need your name, email address, phone, PD, EB2/EB3,Country.

    I will call and verify.
    Hi, I did respond your e mail, but because i am new to forum features, It was somewhat later than your request. In response I sent you my email, contact phone and if u need more, just call me. Im willing to contribute to the chicago chapter since I live downtown.

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  • GCBy3000
    01-04 09:56 AM
    I have bunch of colleages who have filed 485 two years ago and they are all saying you can take different responsibilities. I thought they would have done better research on this one as they are at that stage. May be they are wrong.

    I beleive their 485 is status is at "pending approval". Does anyone know what could be the possible final status for 485 during retrogression? This may be the decider for both AC21 and existing employer role change. Can anyone confirm this one?

    If your 485 is filed and you have spent 180 days after that, then the AC21 portability allows you to change employers and change job locations but not the job description.

    Even after 180 days on 485 stage, you can use EAD to change employers as many times as you want and get jobs in different cities/states but the job description should be the same -- which means that you cannot except promotions because promotions do change job descriptions.

    I am pretty sure about this part and I have verified this part of AC21 portability with a lawyer before.(make that a very reputed and smart lawyer)

    You may want to check this part before accepting that promotion.

    For the derivative beneficiary, like the spouse who gets EAD because of primary applicant of 485, there are no restrictions though.


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  • nomi
    12-11 02:14 PM
    SO if USCIS wants to make a new rule of filing I485 for the one whose I 140 is cleared and priority date is not current, It CAN DO That RULE Right?
    We do not need any Congress approval for that Right?
    If so can we explore this option??

    I agree with you. Why we don`t explore this option ???? USCIS make so many rule by itself then why they don`t make this rule to file 485 while PD is not current without going in Senate. Like they start premium processing of I-140. They make this rule without any bill in US Senate. correct me if I am wrong

    I think, core team should look this option or ask us to find more information about it. I think, core team can meet with high official from USCIS.

    what do you guys think about it ??


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  • belmontboy
    07-19 04:49 PM
    its obvious that everyone of us is interested in seeing this change.

    With the recent campaigns (flower, signature) success, should we have one more for this too?


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  • go_guy123
    06-16 11:25 AM
    unmarried then why not marry a US citizen..... that will take care of all your "problems" says AjameriBaba..... :D

    Well said adhantari.....When I look at few of my friends who married USC and how simple their became after that and how well they grew professionally, I sometime
    wonder why more folks don't follow that path.

    That is the advice I give to people from India in their early 20s who come to US.
    I tell them not to spoil their lives over the PERM-I140-I485. It sucks the energy of their lives. One will easily lose 15 years of their life without much professional growth.

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  • answers_seeker
    09-17 01:09 PM

    1) You were in H4 at first when U came to this country.
    2) Then you were sponsored(H1) by some company.
    3) you worked for 3 months.
    4) went overseas to get stamped(visa) for H1. But they put you on hold for administrative process.
    5) You decided to return with H4 visa that was valid at that time. (although technically you are not supposed to enter using H4 since you already started working on H1)
    6) You came back to US on H4.
    7) Get a letter from USCIS that h1 is denied.

    What surprised me the whole time was, why did the consulate not cancel the existing H4 visa, since your status already changed?
    That's the first thing they do, when you go for visa stamping...they cancel without prejudice, and issue a new visa....even if its going thru a administrative process, they would still cancel it, cause the assumption is you are going to get the new visa once the process is complete.

    See that's what I exactly said in my last post. The COS that is obtained in the US is a "privelege" it is by no means supposed to over ride what the consulate decides in terms of the visa stamp. That is exactly the reason some of the applications get a H1 approval without the I-94. This is done because they are in no position to verify a lot of things that the consulate can verify. If you have a valid H4 stamp and you want to get back into H4 status instead of applying for another COS, you can go out of the country and enter using H4 and your status will change to H4.

    Anyway, like I said in our case I asked the IO behind the counter in vancouver if she can use H4 to enter the US his response was "It depends on the officer at the POE ". Guys I spent a good two days researching this topic while we were stuck in vancouver. Basically you can come back but your status is reverted back to H4. You are not supposed to work once you are in the US. In our case we immediately applied for another COS prem processing within the US and it got approved. My wife again changed jobs last year on H1 and that got approved too.

    In this case, the misrepresentation of facts in her H1 app is something the poster might want to get clarified. She should be fine.


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  • subba
    02-05 12:40 PM
    I have the same case and per my lawyer they should stamp for both I797's.
    We will only know when for sure when the consulate actually does that as usual :-)

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  • sanjay
    02-07 01:49 PM
    Man, you are so crazy about opening so many threads for the same topic. You cannot force people to send letters. And by this time those who wants to send letters had already sent to WH and IV. Give us some break. I come to IV site to get some information on immigration issues and what I get are 'n' numbers of threads for same issue. ---- ADMIN FIX.......

    These are the active threads I found on the front. Let put our energy on different things and get move to other issue, other than sending letters. If you want to be moderator or something else in IV contact PAPPU directly.


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  • corba
    05-08 08:18 PM
    Thanks for your positive reply ...

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  • salshaik
    03-01 06:26 PM
    it's a two step process to get the birth certificate if your birth was not registered.
    1) Apply for a birth certificate at the registrar office and the request will be verified.
    This process will take little more time
    2) After the verification is completed, the registrar office will issue something stating that the birth was not registered
    3) Submit an affidavit stating that you are born at home, with couple of witness signs and hence the birth was not registered at the time of your birth.
    4) After submitting the affidavits, the registrar office will issue birth certificate and will register the birth.
    Hope this will help.



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  • sriramkalyan
    04-03 10:55 AM
    Awesome ...IV Zindabad

    مفتش الشرطة

    非常好的, terrifiant
    두려움을 일으 키게 하는, बहुत प्रभावशाली
    испытывающий страх
    yg mengagumkan

    Check google translate for meanings ..

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  • Steven-T
    January 30th, 2004, 02:24 PM
    And any time a product drops by 50% in 1 year its normally not a good sign. Scott
    One benefit in staying with Nikon, at least for the time being, is that I don't have to compete with DavidP & Co. for those abundant "9, 9+, 10, R, D etc" rated used Nikon lenses on the market (B&H, Adorama ...). LOL.



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  • sac-r-ten
    05-07 12:29 PM
    Sorry to hear that buddy. I am all for getting this fixed. It's getting worst. Pappu n other core/senior, can we do something to get this cleared so that ppl can peacefully go to their home countries for vacation/family emergencies w/o worrying about the stamping....

    Good luck @cobra, I hope they clear you after (redundant) verification.

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  • oomshiva
    01-23 06:21 PM
    hi all

    do read this link given below:-


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  • skd
    08-20 03:50 PM
    Not to single you out, but why aren't people from the West willing to attend the rally?

    1. Too much workload (cannot afford to take even 1 day off)
    2. Cannot afford flying into DC, accomodation, etc.
    3. I didn't attend the SJ rally, what will they say if I attend the DC rally;)
    4. DC Rally is a waste of time, I do not support it
    5. I don't have to have a green card, I can live without it, for the next 10 years!
    6. I am happy to eat the fruit of someone else's hardwork, I don't want to put in any hardwork myself

    1. Oh come on, how do you then keep browsing IV for so many hours?
    2. We may be able to help you... go here:
    3. Don't worry, as soon as you attend the DC rally, you will have washed all your sins in the past:)
    4. Thank you... but why are you even reading this?
    5. Great... maybe you should ask your spouse and children too... how long do you want them to go through all that they go through... because of your temporary status
    6. I envy you... for I cannot even imagine thinking like you! But please at least thank IV when you receive the fruit of its hardwork!

    I am feeling bad... Let me see ..I will try my best to be there at rally on 18th Sep

    04-09 05:33 PM
    I got RFE through attorney. It is asking following details

    1. Emloyment verification letter with present and intended permanent employer

    2. Last two months pay slips

    3. "Although your I 140 petitioner indicated in your initial I485 filing that you were employed by company A at that time, your Form G325 indicated that you were employed by company B and you were authorized by B at that time, please explain discrepancy"

    I am bit worried about question 3. I worked for company A and labor, I140 applied when I was with A.

    But during I485 filing I was with company B and in G325 I mentioned that.

    It looks like company A by mistake mentioned that I was still with them.

    I called my attorney he said its upto me decide which company I should work for.

    But I am not sure company A provides an employment letter for me because I am working for comapny B now.

    If B provides employment letter since it is >180 days since I 485 applied, will there be any issues?

    Please give your opinions...

    Did you put employment letter or offer letter from employer A while filing the I485?

    05-22 06:21 PM
    Please use this:
    We have been model "future citizens" by paying all our taxes, abiding by civic laws and meticulously making sure that we never get out of our precarious H-1 B visa status. This is how we are rewarded. This isn't a "grand bargain" it is not even an "amnesty" as many anti-immigrants are labeling it, this is worse, it is a "travesty." Bravo US Senate, you just proved that playing by the rules is such an unAmerican trait. We learn that from your grand bargain. Better late than never. So being illegal, not paying taxes will yeild you a green-card after 8 years of z-visa. How about many of us that have been subjected to endless waits, thousands of dollars in USCIS Fees, paying taxes for the last 8 or more years. Do we have to wait for another 8-10 years?. With the "grand-bargain" it does seem like it will be more years for legals waiting in line.
    I like to think that being illegal is better than legal as per the provisions in CIR!
    What do you think of H4-spouses who can't work whereas those illegal can now apply for a work-visas!
    What do you think of parents who were not issued visitor visas for silly reasons? Whereas those who by hook or crook got here are being given work-visas?
    How come the illegals are guaranteed a GC within 5 years and the current legal immigrants are NOT?
    How come the illegals can work and the legal residents on certain visas can't?
    How come the illegals can work for any employer while H1Bs can't?
    I am not against giving these benefits to illegals if that's how it needs to fixed. But what about us, the bright and good folks!!
    When did h1b become a joke?
    This grand-compromise is not making sense at all. It's smelling real bad for legal-visa holders.
    I would like to hear from you folks..

    Reacent Post


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